Construction Disputes

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Sprague Law is experienced in meticulous investigation, litigation of all kinds of construction disputes.

Americans take pride in building, whether residential homes, skyscraper office buildings, manufacturing plants, the highways that criss-cross our country, or the infrastructure that supports our great cities. Our investment in what we have built is often as emotional as it is financial.

Unfortunately, this financial and emotional investment, and our pride, can disappear when construction defects wreak their havoc.

At Sprague Law, we are no stranger to the problems that can occur at any stage of the construction process: in faulty design, engineering services, environmental studies, or building material compliance. What’s more, we know that in racing to beat out the competition and complete projects quickly, construction companies sometimes use unskilled subcontractors and cut corners.

If you have been victimized by defective construction, read on. 

Our reputation is built on our passion for protecting victims of another person’s negligence. But we bring more than just passion to the table – we bring experienced staff who are not afraid to take on architects, planners, designers, engineers, builders and contractors, or road construction companies and hold them accountable for restitution.

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If you or a family member has been harmed because of a construction defect,  the staff at Sprague Law want to help.

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